What Does a Whole-Home Automation System Control?

In short, everything. Well, not the weather, but almost. From TV settings to lighting, window shades to music and garage doors, adjust your lifestyle with  ease. Get technology that memorizes your rituals, whether that’s opening the shades at a certain hour or kicking off the day with an amazing playlist in your home gym. A whole-home automation system makes this achievable from one universal touchpoint thanks to Control4, Crestron, or URC.


Set Lifestyle Scenes With Control4

We know and love Control4 as the standard for in-home comfort. In the Control4 system, a “scene” describes automated events of your choosing. These are activated at certain times of the day. For example, a “bedtime” scene dims the bathroom lights and locks all doors. An “away” scene closes all the blinds between noon and three to keep the house cool. Use this technology to create scenes that mimic your normal home activity while you’re on vacation or simply to remember your everyday preferences. Start living life by your own design.

whole home automation systems

Home Surveillance at Your Leisure

At the heart of intelligent living spaces is home surveillance from Luma and Ring. Know the exact moment an Amazon package hits the front porch or unlock the house for an earlier-than-expected guest with custom home surveillance systems. Keep an eye on your property or just enjoy watching the wildlife pass through the backyard. Surveillance provides homeowners that extra layer of security they need to feel at ease.

whole home automation systems

Climate Control

Comfort begins the moment the fireplace switches on and your heated floors activate. Set your home to remember these little luxuries you love with Control4’s climate control features. Scenes remember the temperature you like to sleep at, which exterior lights stay on after sunset, and to keep the bathroom light on dim so your kids can find their way without waking you up in the night.

Home Network Setup and Wi-Fi

Run the connection in your home office or anywhere in the home with lightning-fast Wi-Fi. Blend your network effortlessly into your home’s aesthetics so you never notice a stray wire, router, or antennae. We will help you set the stage for a successful meeting in your home office or get your speakers to sync wirelessly over the same network. Bump up the data security in your home with additional firewall and VPN support, or make sure you can stream every movie you love in high-definition.