Embrace The View With Automatic Window Shades

Windows bring vast landscapes and abundant natural light into focus in your main living spaces. Yet too much direct sun can cause fading on interior furniture and flooring. Create havens of privacy in your home with automatic window shades. Sera will integrate solutions for any space in your home with custom shades on skylights, angled windows, or drapery for bedrooms to help you welcome or filter out the perfect amount of light.

Automatic window shades

Perfect Coverage From Motorized Shades, Manual Blinds, or Drapery

Sometimes the space dictates which coverage is more suitable, like blackout curtains in a bedroom or drapery in a living room. Whether your style is Roman shades, drapery tracks, or roller shades, we can work with your designers to help you coordinate your technology. We can install specialty blinds in fabrics and colors that match your aesthetic.

Aspects We Love About Automatic Window Shades

Ease of Use

Our homeowners rave about the convenience of motorized window coverings or automatic window shades. These are compatible with home automation technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Nest, or even larger systems like Control4.

Highly Customizable

We always consider our homeowners’ style, design, and preferences before proposing any suggestions on window treatments. Your preferences on hardware, accessories, and applications matter to us.

Intuitive Features

Whether you desire repeating schedules, temperature triggers, or sunrise and sunset set points, we can bridge technology with your automatic window coverings to operate like a dream.

Speed Variability

Details matter—especially when it comes to automation. Opening and closing your blinds shouldn’t be noisy or distracting. That’s why we use technology with variable speed settings and timers.

Energy Savings

Reduce solar heat gain during summers and increase the thermal comfort of your home during the colder months with automated window coverings or drapery. The Department of Energy estimates that draperies can help to reduce heat gains by up to 33 percent during summer and reduce heat loss by up to 10 percent in the winter.

Automatic Window Shades by Lutron or Screen Innovations

We proudly carry Lutron and Screen Innovations products, designed for seamless elegance and convenience with a vast array of designer window shades and solutions. Learn more about the capabilities of popular products like Lutron’s Sivoia Triathlon Shades or Bradley Collection bespoke curtain rods.