Technology That Powers Your Home

Custom Integrators

Life requires connection. And since the home is where it all starts, that’s where we come in. Wake up to the sun coming through the kitchen windows without having to open the shades. Fall asleep at the right temperature for a perfect night’s sleep. Be at ease knowing the house is secure after a long day. These are all features of a well-integrated home. Choose from custom lighting, automated window shades, multi-room audio, or more subtle applications like invisible speakers by consulting our team of home automation experts.

Home Automation Solutions

We speak from experience. Technology gets complicated in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean it has to be for you. We unify your home technology solutions in sophisticated and unexpected ways. After every installation, we guide you through the automated solution you’ve selected so you can feel confident in your technology’s capabilities.

Home Automation Solutions

Aesthetically-Conscious Designs

Never opt for a home automation solution that looks or feels clunky. With Sera, aesthetics and functionality are mutually harmonious. Our dedicated system designer specializes in assessing the design impact of technology by partnering with architects and home designers at the build stage. Ask Sera to render the perfectly tucked-away audio in an alcove or to deliver the delight and surprise of your favorite playlist while dining al fresco—without seeing a single speaker.

A Team of Experts

Sera is a dedicated expansion of our two-channel hi-fi business at Stereo Planet. Now, we’re equipped to offer Bend a fully customizable service for new builds and retrofits of homes, businesses, and commercial spaces. As a custom integrations business, our work is always bespoke. This means we find novel and innovative ways to design spaces that suit your needs.

Home Automation Solutions

Explore Home Automation Solutions

Place your whole home at your fingertips. Access light, heat, sound, and video from a single touchpoint of your choosing with a customized home automation solution. We navigate the tangles of technology to bring you a living space that simplifies your routines, elevates your favorite rituals, and elegantly blends wires, panels, and speakers into the background.